UndifferentiatED: Show #3. A Patient’s Journey in the Emergency Department

September 22, 2016

Welcome to the third and final show of the first season of UndifferentiatED. 

At the end of our last show it became clear that our patient who presented with abdominal and back pain could not walk. Our team of providers also noted that he had a large bladder on his CT scan and the providers are actively re-examining their differential.
On this episode we talk to infectious disease specialist Dr. Heather Young (DH physician and Monte's wife) and Dr. Dusty Richardson, UCH's neurosurgery spine fellow, about the next steps in the care of our patient. We also go down memory lane with Dr. Overbeck to discuss a patient who presented with similar complaints earlier in his career. do. 

UndifferentiatED: Show #2. A Patient’s Journey in the Emergency Department

September 9, 2016

We continue our journey with a 67 year-old male presenting to the emergency department with back pain and abdominal pain. 

On this episode we talk to Dr. Elizabeth Dee, a radiologist at Denver Health Medical Center, about imaging the spine with MRI, CT and x-rays. 

We also come to a point in our patient's care where one treatment team is leaving and handing over care to another care team.  We talk to Dr. Courtney Smalley, from the Cleveland Clinic, about optimizing signouts in the emergency department and focus on cleaning up our communication skills. 


UndifferentiatED: Show #1. A Patient’s Journey in the Emergency Department

August 23, 2016

This show is a three part podcast where we follow the journey of a patient as they are evaluated in the emergency department.  

In the first episode we encounter a patient in his 70's who has a chief complaint of back pain.  We talk to experts in ultrasound and urology to start the diagnostic process. 

Hosted by Michael Overbeck and Spencer Tomberg
Special Guests in episode 1 are Dr. John Kendall and Dr. Wilson Molina

Denver Underground: Dr. Christopher Colwell

April 27, 2016

Dr. Christopher Colwell Chief of Emergency Medicine at Denver Health.

On this episode of Denver Underground we talk to Dr. Colwell about tennis, a lineage of physicians in the Colwell family, passion for emergency medicine, a tradition of excellence and the professional changes in his future as he transitions to San Francisco General Hospital.

Dr. Emmy Betz on Suicide Prevention, Elderly Drivers and Ivy Leagues

January 23, 2016

Denver Underground #3. This is a conversation with Dr. Emmy Betz about suicide prevention, elderly drivers, growing up with scientist parents and the appeal of Ivy League schools.  

Spencer Tomberg

Dr. Dowin Boatright on Diversity in Emergency Medicine Training

December 17, 2015

In episode 2 we talk to Dowin about rafting in the South, movies you have to read and the work he has done to build a diverse community of trainees in the Denver Health Residency.

Spencer Tomberg


Dr. Jacqueline Ward-Gaines on Race/Bugs/Family and Medicine

November 24, 2015

Denver Underground #1.  A conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Ward-Gaines on her path through a HBCU, her childhood love of dissecting bugs, the challenges of cultural isolation and the importance of understanding the perspectives of our patients from different cultures.  A discussion on race in medicine. 

Spencer Tomberg